Saint Thomas' Episcopal School


To better serve our church families, as well as our current and future students, STE will greatly enhance our current campus with sanctuary upgrades, a new academic building, and an underground parking garage.

View renderings of the future of our campus below.

An aerial view rendering of STE's future campus.

Sanctuary renovations include new flooring, paint, choir stalls, and a three-tier pulpit. Additional upgrades will include a new sound system and restroom facilities. These changes will benefit the church and school community.

STE's new state-of-the-art academic building will include an underground parking garage.

The new academic building will enhance our existing courtyard.

Covered walkways will overlook our courtyard.

The new academic building will be home to our Middle and Upper Schools, as well as the church and school administrative offices. The current high school building will become home to our Lower School students and will be retrofitted to meet their needs.

The new lobby will be the main entrance for our the church and school, giving our campus a beautiful new single entry point with the added benefit of security.

Larger science labs will enable our students to do a broader variety of experiments.

The terrace will overlook STE's scenic campus.