Saint Thomas' Episcopal School

Campaign Donor Board


Saint Thomas’ Episcopal Church wishes to thank the Episcopal Diocese of Texas for their grant of $1,000,000.

VISIONARY ($500,000 - $999,999)

Roy and Judith Shaw
Helmle-Shaw Foundation
Anonymous Family

BENEFACTOR ($250,000 - $499,999)

Daniel and Melisa Darmadi
Robby ’73 and Anne Walters ’70 Robertson
Davis and Katherine Thames
Thomas and Suzanne Vaughn
Anonymous Family

GUARDIAN ($100,000 - $249,999)

Jerry and Molly Abshire
Margaret Beeley
Jason and Michelle Bennett
Kathleen and Douglas Brickley
The Easter Family Foundation 
Brian and Lisa Fahey
Mark Fiedorek and Anne Hutton
Thomas and Cettina Halsey
Chris and Becca Herbold
Roger and Kirsten ’81 Herrscher
Roy and Raakhee Kumar
The Martinez Family
Callie Robertson (✟) 
William and Pam Smith

AMBASSADOR ($25,000 - $99,999)

Shar and Nerisa Ahmed
Charles and Elizabeth Albright
Eric (✟) and Cat Anderson
Gaston and Stephanie Bencze ’92 Arguelles
Chad and Jenna Arnold
Bill ’72 and Sara Murray ’72 Beall
Jaron and Eleanor Bergin
Adam and Angela Bilnoski
Nina and John Castellano
E. Patrick and Gay Chaudoir
Jared and Kelly Cmaidalka
Daniel and Maria Cowles
George and Cindy Craft
Mike ’79 and Donna Cusack
Tim and Kathy Dennis
Ken and Heidi Dunek
Gary Edmondson
Adam Ellwanger and Ellie Smith
Aletha and Jay Evert
Feng Family
Jay Fenner and Gwen Hulsey
Tyler and Cari Gill
David ’81 and Lauri Gordon
Mark Grimley and Shelly Autin
Anna Gryska ’07
Peter and Mary Gryska
Phillip and Charlotte Hatley
Katherine Henderson '69
The Hillcrest Foundation
Matt and Briana Hubbard
Fred ’89 and Jill Huston
Bing and Connie Joe
Tony and Karla Jones
Ronald and Samantha Stuart ’92 Kegge
Jon and Kathryn Kurie
Adam and Tracy Larson
The Loayza Family
Shane ’99 and Natalie Bell ’04 McAfee
Kyle McCutcheon and Jacqueline Lee
Steven and Catherine Runner
St. John the Divine Episcopal Church
Sudheer and Anila '92 Sankar
Robert Scholl ’96
Ann Seitz
Scott and Michelle Shonbeck
Carrie Slagle
Eileen Houlihan ’72 Spisak
Homer and Annie Starkey
The Strobel Family
Michael '87 and Shree Stuart
Sherly Thomas-Philip
Sanjeev and Madhuri Vasudevan
Hal ’74 and Katherine Black ’77 Walters
Robert and Margaret White
Andy Wright and Carolyn Turner
John Young and Sarah Queen
Anonymous Family

ADVOCATE ($5,000 - $24,999)

Jay Barrash and Heather Linn
Toby Boenig
Bruce and Elizabeth Brewer
David and Kari Browder
June Byrnes
Ayman and Michelle Chritah
Ron and Theresa ’72 Cornett
Joe ’77 and Sharon Corso
Paul and Linda Sampson ’80 Cox
Greg and Marianne Egan
Scott ’73 and Amy Ernest
Chris ’82 and Leah Faucett
Dennis and Casey Garrett
John and Nancy Graves
David ’70 and Michelle Graves
Stephen and Gretchen Hesse
Kevin and Frannie Corso ’83 Howard
Danny and Lisa Kahalley
Vernon King ’86
John and Diane Krugh
Martha McCann Lazor
Patrick and Bayard Linbeck
John and Betsy Flagg ’71 McBrayer
John ’78 and Tracey Moss
Suzanne and Dan O'Neil
Bret and Andrea Ramsey
Bert and Wendy Ruiz
Judy Sacaris
Terry and Vesna Scarborough
Anne Sexton
Shell Oil Company
Reagan and Carla Singer
Filemon and Faye Tan
Jan Taylor
Jennifer Underwood
Michael and Virginia Wortham

BUILDER (UP TO $4,999)

Shelly and Debbie Acker
Bryan and Julia Anderson
Cory and Nasly Anglin
Diane Arrington
Billy and Beth Baker
Adagena Balaban
Raymond and Lynnette Bartula
Mary Beinemann
Chantal Bencze
Joseph Berno
Jeff and Ann Bogran
Eugene and Jean Boisaubin
Wes and Christie Bowden
Theron and Kay Bowers
Erinn Boyle and Alejandro Mayral Blanco
William and Susan Brewer
Evan Brott
Graham Brown
James and Sherrill Calvert
Bronwyn Campbell
David and Renee Castillo
William and Katherine Stephens Clayton
Meredith Collins
Alan and Pam Copeland
Vince and Andree Couch
Lashara Cox
Cameron ’11 and Emily Mitchell ’11 Cox
Clark and Nancy Crownover
Richard and Donalee Cushman
Allison Czach ’04
Larry and Denise Czach
Mack and Linda Denison
Eli and Ana Diaz
Eileen Dowd
Pat Doyle
Dawn Durain
Andrew Elliott
Kristina Espartero
John Falco
Robert and Patsy Finch
Paul and Lee Ann Foulger
Teddy and Kelli Freeman
Carla Gardner ’08
Tony Gelderman
Maria Georgescu
Brittany Gibson
Stephen Gonzales
Anna Gordon ’12
Rachel Gordon ’14
Tony and Heather
Jason and Erika Grove
Randy and Christine Guidry
Trent and Lucy Halsell
Carlton and Michelle Hamilton
Le Hammer
Jeffrey Harding
Paul Haynes
Stephen and Karen Haynes
Deborah Heidemann
Rosalind Hewsenian
Frannie Hicks
Ginny Hogue
Nick Hudson
Andrew Hughes
George and Kathryn Janssen
Eddy and Gina Johnson
Montario and Jeri Jones
Joe and Mary Karpati
Joel and Karen Kiker
Dale ’92 and Gloria King
Arlinda Klempin
Thomas and Charlotte Davis ’79 Laker
Sharon Lambert
Scott and Lali Lane
Brenda Lary
James and Martha Lowry
Ryno and Katherine Marais
Ryan and Erica Maw
Libby Mays
Steve and Peggy McGough
John and Catherine Vincent ’84 McIntyre
Jim and Hazel McWhinnie
Kimberly Michael
Jim and Sara Miller
Robert and Lisa Miller
Virginia Miller
Lynn and Randall Millikan
Rebecca Molleyo
Rachael Neese
Lauren Pastorek
Anthony Petry and Becky Partida-Petry
Roderick and Terri Petties
Allison West Plaza ’10
Brittany Roberts
Kristi Roberts
Sara Roeuy
Christine Saa
Brian Sampson
Amy Savage
Preston Schultz ’81
Zan and Klaus Schwabe
Matt and Elizabeth Schwartz
Boone and Rose Schwartzel
Geoff Simpson
Bre Smith
John and Marie Solum
Forrest and Rebecca Stewart
Sunny Sun
Brandon and Larissa Thomas
Lyric and Rachel Seals ’09 Todkill
Cherie and Chris Tomlinson
Chris and Nicole Twine
Diedre Vedder
James Versalovic and Kjersti Aagaard
Michelle Walker
Beth Wiesendanger
Anonymous Donor

Last updated November 2, 2019. We have made every effort to credit each gift accurately. In the event that we have made an error or omission, please accept our apologies and notify the Advancement Office at