Saint Thomas' Episcopal School

Campus Master Plan

In 1953, Saint Thomas’ Episcopal Church met for the first time in an old television station. Those attending agreed to pay fifty cents for two folding chairs, one for themselves and one for a visitor. By 1954, the church had obtained mission status and was meeting in an oil services building in nearby Bellaire, Texas. In 1955, Saint Thomas’ Episcopal Church moved to our current location and adopted its outreach mission – educate boys and girls in a day school. From our beginning, Saint Thomas’ Episcopal School (STE) has been the church’s outreach to the surrounding community.

While honoring the school’s history, STE’s administration has kept an eye on the future. In 2015, STE’s School Board began a strategic planning process that incorporated input from the school community and suggestions from a consultant with Independent School Management. The resulting Strategic Plan 2016-2022 encompasses objectives for the school’s finances, governance, management, organizational structure, and physical facilities.

As part of the implementation of the Strategic Plan, we have created a vision for the future of the STE campus. Learn more about our short-term and long-term goals for the campus, read the Strategic Plan, and watch the video that shows our building plans.