Saint Thomas' Episcopal School

Visual Arts

At STE, our visual arts education teaches the foundational elements of drawing and design so students can pursue whatever path they choose with the confidence and capabilities to succeed.


Art is a regular part of students’ schedules beginning in Kindergarten. Art in the Lower School encourages students to explore and develop their skills. Students work with a wide variety of media, including drawing, painting, pastel, and collage. Many of the lessons also incorporate art history, exploring a variety of artists and styles of art. The structured teaching encourages students to develop their imaginations and talents as well as an awareness and appreciation of design in their environment.


Beginning in Middle School, students may take art as an elective. Middle School art works to refine students’ skills while broadening their creative outlook. Basic elements of art and principles of design are woven into lessons inspired by the students’ life experiences, environment, and interests.


Upper School art builds upon strong a foundation to aid students in discovering their artistic voice. Students are encouraged to experiment with a variety of techniques, processes and media. Students contemplating careers in art-related fields may take AP Art, which requires the student to complete a portfolio of 15 finished pieces.


Views is STE’s literary and art magazine. Staffed by Upper School students, the magazine features poetry, prose, and other creative writing paired with works of visual art.