Saint Thomas' Episcopal School

Promoting the Sounds of Scotland

The Scottish Arts program has been at the core of STE’s identity since the late 1950s. Created by the school’s founder because of the tradition, discipline, and prestige of the pipe bands of the British Army, the Scottish Arts program continues to instill those values in its students today. The band and dancers are a staple of life here at STE. In addition to milestone events on and off campus, not a day goes by where pipes and drums aren’t heard in the distance or dancers aren’t seen practicing their footwork.

The STE Pipe Band

The Pipe Band comprises one-fifth of the student body at STE. It offers a wholly unique musical experience, immersing 4th - 12th graders in Scottish piping and drumming. Young members rise through the ranks of our three band levels, honing their skills until they are ready for our Premier Band. This band competes and performs all over the United States and internationally. All of the pipe bands at STE perform for Houston community events, parades, nonprofit fundraising events, hospitals, police and fire service events, and at our world-renowned spring concert at Smart Financial Centre in Sugar Land, Texas.

Learn more about our unique piping and drumming program.

Highland Dance

Highland Dance is a unique way for students to receive the benefits of superior physical exercise. Students may take after-school dance instruction to prepare for competitions at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Competitive dancers typically participate at competitions and championships throughout the United States, such as Salado in Texas, the Southwest Regional Championship, and The United States Highland Dance Championship. Several of our selected Premier dancers travel to Scotland annually to compete at the British Open Championship, World Pipe Band Championship, and Scottish Championship.

Learn more about our distinctive Highland dance program.