Saint Thomas' Episcopal School


STE values the musical arts and offers outstanding opportunities to students for classically based music instruction. Throughout the year, our string orchestras regularly perform at the school during events such as Grandparents and Special Friends Day, our annual Christmas concerts, the Spring Orchestra Concert, special chapel services, and graduation. Our orchestras also perform community service concerts at retirement homes, banks, and other locations.


The Junior String Ensemble provides an opportunity for Lower School students who play violin, viola, and cello and have sufficient note-reading skills and solid technique on their respective instruments. Students gain an introduction to orchestral literature and technique.


Students in the seventh and eighth grades with appropriate playing skills and music-reading facility may play with this orchestra. Participants play more advanced orchestral pieces and are exposed to classical orchestra literature, as well as sacred, Celtic, and contemporary music. Students are given the opportunity to develop leadership and independence playing solos with the orchestra. New students must audition to determine their level of playing.


Upper School students with appropriate playing and music-reading skills play in this orchestra. Participants play advanced and demanding classical orchestra literature, as well as sacred, Celtic, and contemporary music. Advanced students may audition for region and all-state honor orchestras. New students must audition to determine placement in the Upper School Orchestra.


Private music lessons in piano, organ, violin, viola, cello, and flute are offered at the school. Rates are based on half-hour lessons. Parents who are interested in private lessons may also take advantage of this opportunity. Please call the school at 713.666.3111.