Saint Thomas' Episcopal School



Choral music is offered for Lower, Middle, and Upper School students. At the Lower school level, music is part of the curriculum and is focused on teaching children to sing and appreciate beautiful music. At Christmas, the students give a concert of complex and inspiring pieces.

Beginning in third grade, students may participate in choir by audition. The Lower, Middle, and Upper School choirs comprise our performing choral ensembles. These students carefully prepare music used in our daily Chapel service, sacred anthems, classical music, and secular music. The repertoire also includes singing in several languages such as Latin, German, Spanish, French, Italian, and English.

Our choir students perform at Christmas and spring concerts, at community service performances, and at graduation.


Private voice lessons are offered at the school. Rates are based on half-hour lessons. Parents who are interested in private lessons may also take advantage of this opportunity. Please call the school at 713.666.3111.