Saint Thomas' Episcopal School

The Alumni Connection
Virginia Young (’83)

Last October the Saint Thomas’ family gathered again for the annual Fall Fair. Fond memories of years past have lingered in my mind. As a young child I anticipated the transformation of the school grounds for the Fair by parents and older students. I looked forward to the day I could contribute. Once I graduated I returned from college on occasion or drove into town to spend a little time at the Fair. I would later bring my own children to play the games, and I would visit with any friends who made the time to attend. As the years passed I attended less and less often. Family, work, distance can make the trip difficult, and I know I am not the only graduate of Saint Thomas’ to find myself in that situation. We get busy.

In the last few years I have found the time to attend once again. The Fair still focuses on family, fun, and fellowship. The children run around the campus playing games, making spin art, eating hot dogs and candy. I was honored to help set up, volunteer on Candy Lane, and to find myself sitting in our courtyard visiting with old friends and even some new ones. A designated alumni area, including a table stocked with yearbooks and complimentary refreshments, is now a part of the Saint Thomas’ Fall Fair tradition.

Reconnecting with the school has brought me many blessings. Perhaps one of the greatest of these has been connecting with alumni that I passed in the hallway years ago, but did not know as well then as I do today. The new association of Saint Thomas’ alumni has forged new bonds, and I pray our organization will nurture many more in the future.

Please take a look at the upcoming events for this year. Regardless of our ability to attend I pray each and every one of us will take a little time out of our busy schedules to reach out to a former classmate.

Many blessings!

Virginia Young
Class of ’83
Chair, Saint Thomas' Alumni Association

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