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STE Career Day 2018
Celia Houston (’19)
STE alumni speak to students on career day

On October 30, 2018, the Saint Thomas’ Episcopal campus hosted the annual Career Day, which brought new and old alumni back to help inspire current STE students as they navigate career choices. For most of the alumni, it was their first time seeing the campus since the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. For others, it was their first time seeing or being in the “new” high school building.

STE alumni speak to students on career day

Students attended four 45 minute sessions with alumni, which they chose based on the field of study that interested them most. The topics included engineering, law, medicine, military, business, and much more. In these sessions the students met people who had walked the same halls, had the same teachers, and more importantly, were doing what students wanted to do with their lives. The alumni talked about what they did in high school that prepared them for college. They talked about how they figured out what they wanted to do with their future, the struggles they faced in pursuing their dreams, how they overcame obstacles, and what one could expect going into their field of work. The alumni then opened up the floor to questions. The questions ranged from “What classes did you take in college?” to “How many times did you have to serve detention with Madame Bencze?”

STE alumni speak to students on career day

The seniors also attended lunch with the alumni to connect more personally. This was helpful to many who already knew what they wanted to do and were looking for specific people in that field. Saint Thomas’ has a very diverse and accomplished group of alumni, and many are willing to help students while they are in school and even after graduation. Alumni encouraged students to ask questions about college, majors, and fields of study, while also considering geographic areas and regional differences.

Bringing alumni back to STE to help encourage students benefits both the students as they navigate their futures and the alumni as they reflect on their career paths.

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