Saint Thomas' Episcopal School

A Chance Meeting
Richard Luna (’90)
The STE courtyard during Fall Fair

I volunteered to help set up for the 2018 Fall Fair. The set-up is done on Friday, the day before the Fair. I had spent several summers in the 1980s on the Work Crew so I figured this would be a fun way to contribute – and not nearly as unpleasant as cleaning out the dumpster in 102-degree heat.

After lunch, I told my fellow worker bees that I had some personal business to take care of and walked into the band room to ask about buying a new pipe bag. I had not played the pipes since the mid-1990s and the bag still attached to the pipes was about as air tight as a pillowcase. Bagpipe instructor Nick Hudson patiently explained some of the cutting-edge developments in bagpipe technology designed to solve problems that have plagued pipers for millennia.

I wasn’t in a huge hurry to run back and start painting more stuff for the Fall Fair. I therefore struck up a conversation with one of the pipers whom I suspected was not in a huge hurry to go running back to Latin class. I asked him the usual things that alumni are supposed to ask students: “What year are you?” “Where are you going to college?” This young man gave me a surprising answer. He was going to the Texas A&M Galveston Maritime Academy. It just so happens that in the course of doing marine insurance, I had gained some contacts that might be valuable for him. Furthermore, one of my contacts is also a friend of our Advancement Director, Vernon King (’86).

I have put him in touch with my friends at the Propeller Club of Houston, and Vernon is putting him in touch with a friend of his at the West Gulf Maritime Association. This student will now have contacts at the two major maritime trade organizations before he even graduates from Saint Thomas’. We certainly hope that this will allow him to get a jump-start on obtaining summer internships.

STE and the Maritime/Logistics Industry

There are great opportunities in this industry — primarily because Houston has been blessed with a major port that is a key part of our nation’s economy. At present, Saint Thomas’ has only just begun to build an industry network in logistics – particularly related to the Port of Houston. We hope to provide logistics industry contacts for our alumni, both those with specialized training in logistics as well as people with expertise in areas like accounting and engineering who might find fascinating opportunities at the port.

STE and Other Industries

In the long run, we want to develop alumni industry networking groups in a variety of industries: medicine, law, dramatic arts, IT, hospitality, real estate, military, law enforcement, accounting, finance, engineering, construction, and pest control. Please let Carla Gardner know what industry you work in and the name of your employer. Please also give some thought to how you might be able to assist a Saint Thomas’ student or alumnus as they start or advance their career.

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