Saint Thomas' Episcopal School

Faculty & Staff

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Reneen Abughazaleh

Titles: Third Grade Girls Teacher

Shelly Acker

Titles: Plant Manager and Maintenance Supervisor

Ahmed Ajao

Titles: PE, Lacrosse, Youth Soccer

Alicia Alaniz

Titles: Director of Marketing and Communications

Bryan Anderson

Titles: Director of Music

Cory Anglin

Titles: US Philosophy, Speech/Debate

Diane Arrington

Titles: MS/US Art

Adagena Balaban

Titles: US Mathematics

Mary Beinemann

Titles: Head of Latin Department

Kay Bowers

Titles: Nurse
1 2 3 10 > showing 1 - 10 of 99 constituents



The Rev. David O. Browder, President
Elizabeth Brewer
Adam Ellwanger
Patsy Finch
Casey Garrett
John Graves


Mark Grimley
Thomas Halsey
Mary Karpati
John Krugh
Kathryn Kurie