Saint Thomas' Episcopal School

College Counseling


For both students and their parents, the college admissions process is an exciting endeavor. Students serve as pivotal self-advocates as they work to navigate applications to various schools as well as numerous scholarships and financial aid opportunities. While online resources can be invaluable throughout this research, it is imperative that students and parents alike develop a meaningful, continual discourse with their college counselor.

At STE, our counselor serves as an adviser and activist for all college-bound students and their parents. Our goal is to walk students through every part of the search process, beginning with a candid assessment of each individual’s needs and desires for his or her college education. Upper School students and parents are encouraged to meet and talk with the counselor as they continue along the path to college.

Our college counselor is here to help you in any way, so please don’t hesitate to contact him with questions or concerns. We wish you the best of luck as you embark on this exciting journey, and we look forward to working with you.

Andrew Hughes

Director of Guidance and College Counseling

Here is a brief outline of a student's steps to college:


  • Attend 9th Grade College Night in September
  • Begin to think about the electives and activities that universities will examine on a transcript or resume
  • Student and parents schedule and attend individualized meeting, between November and December


  • Attend 10th Grade College Night in September
  • Begin virtual tours of college campuses: explore college websites, get a sense of how information is organized and presented, and become familiar with what to look for in a college
  • Use Naviance to begin building a college list
  • Visit a small, a medium, and a large college to get an idea about which one suits the student best
  • Plan summer visits to college campuses
  • Student and parents schedule and attend individualized meeting, between February and April


  • Attend 11th Grade College Night in September
  • Review admission requirements for ten potential schools regarding SAT/ACT and SAT II subject tests
  • Plan visits to schools for academic and financial consideration
  • Take both SAT and ACT tests in the spring of junior year
  • Student and parents attend mandatory individualized meeting in January


  • Attend College Night in spring of junior year
  • Submit applications by October 31
  • Work on applications with college counselor
  • Work on scholarship applications
  • Decide which college to attend


Each year, Saint Thomas’ Episcopal School graduates receive offers for admission to prestigious colleges and universities from across the United States and abroad. Take a look at the full list of colleges and universities our students have been accepted to since 2014.