Saint Thomas' Episcopal School


Walking in His Steps

Chapel is an integral part of daily instruction at Saint Thomas’ Episcopal School, to who we are and to whom we ascribe the greatest power.

Although we celebrate our diverse student body, we are a Christian school, and require that all students, regardless of their personal faith, listen respectfully and participate during Chapel.

Chapel allows students, teachers, staff—and even parents, who are always welcome— a time to gather together as one to study the Word of God, sing psalms and praise, and self-reflect.

Whatever a student’s personal faith, Chapel is fundamental to moral and spiritual growth and maturity, and a reminder to all students to uphold our values of honor, faith, love, self-discipline, excellence, and respect for themselves and others.


Saint Thomas’ Episcopal School incorporates several of our own traditions into our daily chapel.


Saint Thomas' Episcopal School Shield

Another important part of our Christian identity is our crest. The shield of Saint Thomas reminds us that a Christian’s life is ever one of praise and steadfast service to our Lord and God. The configuration of the shield is an upright spear overlaid by a carpenter’s square.

The spear, as the symbol of this apostle’s martyrdom, proclaims his resolute faith in our Lord. The square—a reminder that Thomas, too, was a carpenter—demands that each of us build our life upon the foundation of the Gospel. Additionally, the story holds that Saint Thomas built a church in India with his own hands.