Founded in 1955 as a parish school of Saint Thomas' Episcopal Church, Saint Thomas' Episcopal School is a private, PK-12 school that upholds Christian values and educates boys and girls through classical instruction. Our school develops students who are academically prepared to be leaders in their communities and professions, and who will exercise that leadership in a manner that is imbued with Christian virtues.


Saint Thomas’ is a parish school operating within The Episcopal Church and the broader Anglican
Communion. Through our worship, teaching, learning, and fellowship, we seek to model a Christian
vision of human flourishing. Our school welcomes people of all faith traditions, or no faith tradition, as
we pursue objective truth through intellectual openness and free inquiry. Our faculty, staff, and clergy
all believe that scripture as revealed in the Old and New Testaments is the supreme authority of the
universal church, and we hold that the Nicene and Apostles’ Creeds form a sufficient statement of the
Christian faith.

All of our students and faculty are required to attend and participate in daily chapel during the school
day. In practice, the school is informed by a faith that encourages all the streams within orthodox
Christianity, including Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, non-denominational, and more. The influence of
the early Church endures at Saint Thomas’, and our worship is traditional, relying on the classical Book
of Common Prayer.

As Christians, we hold firm to the scriptural traditions that have served as the bedrock of the faith for
millennia. We believe that God created men and women in his image, and this informs the school’s
mission of forming “honorable men and women through a classical education grounded in a Christ-
centered worldview.” Because all human beings are a reflection of God’s image and because Jesus’
crucifixion was atonement for the sins of the whole world, we welcome people from all backgrounds
and nationalities.



At Saint Thomas' Episcopal School, we aspire towards absolute standards of the good, the true, and the beautiful.  Our Christian classical curriculum ensures an STE education in English, Classical and Modern Languages, History, Philosophy, Mathematics, Arts and Science builds understanding of these standards. Our graduates will be logical and persuasive advocates for the pursuit of these standards in writing and speech.



Saint Thomas' Episcopal school is dedicated to the pursuit of academic rigor and discipline that trains the mind, spirit, and character, ensuring our students succeed in college. Our school's high quality non-academic subjects and extracurriculars teach students about the discipline required to achieve excellence as well as the value of teamwork.



Saint Thomas’ Episcopal School forms honorable men and women through a classical education grounded in a Christ-centered worldview.


Honor, Christian Faith, Love, Discipline, Excellence, Respect