Success from the Middle: Student Spring Academic Achievements

As we wrap up the school year, I am so thrilled to post about recent student accolades. Please read on for information regarding the results of Latin, math, and Quiz Bowl competitions. We are SO PROUD of our incredible students who have gone the extra mile to represent their academic community. The Saints in the Middle are shining bright!

Latin Scholars

This year all students in the sixth through the twelfth grades participated in the National Latin Examination sponsored by the American Classical League. The exam was given to students from all fifty states and seventeen foreign countries.
Out of the 154,000 students around the world who took the exam, only a small percentage achieved a perfect score. Six students earning this honor attend St. Thomas. These distinguished awards go to Lucas Bowers, Conrad Li, Emily Ware, Juan Fueyo, Alexander Halsey, and Edward Athaide.

Math Magicians
Earlier this semester, our 6th and 7th graders competed in the Texas State Mathematics League (TXML) competition. The students had to answer some incredibly difficult questions in a short amount of time, but our students pulled through to post some very competitive scores. Our top scores are recorded and used in the competition. The results are as follows:

6th Grade – 10th place out of 38 schools in TX
7th Grade – 12th place out of 32 schools in TX

Thanks to the brilliant preparation by our math teachers all year. We will continue to improve, but this is a great report!

Quiz Bowl Heroes
The last weekend in April saw the arrival of our first-ever trip to the Quiz Bowl Middle School Championships. Our team of 5 super competitors included Amartya Sinha (8), Edward Athaide (8), Juan Fueyo (8), Sugat Borthakur (7), and Roman Lewis (7). Some of these team members were a part of the championship team in an earlier tournament, granting them a place to compete at the State Championships. These young men represented St. Thomas’ with incredible spirit and determination. As a team, we took 5th place (out of 24 teams) in the tournament, but we were THIRD in the power rankings. What a way to start the program! 

So the year is drawing to a quick close, but we cannot forget to recognize the academic achievements our students have made since January. I look forward to watching them develop and challenge themselves to push further in the coming years. Way to go, Saints!

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