MS Quiz Bowl Kickoff

This past weekend, STE Middle School students competed in their first Quiz Bowl competition of the year. Four teams of 4 players, including one pure 6th grade team, competed against some of the best quiz bowl programs in the city. Many thanks to Mrs. Maw, 6th grade science teacher, and Mrs. Athaide, parent volunteer, for developing and motivating our young academic competitors. Here is a summary from Mrs. Maw:

Things went very well this weekend! We only had one player out of all teams with any quiz bowl experience.  We were the only school to have 6th grade teams compete out of 20 teams.  The 6th graders were super scared to start, but after a couple matches, you would never know.  The 8th grade team and 7th grade team were about 50/50 on their matches.  After the initial bracket, they were 12th and 13th seed out of 20.  The 6th grade teams won at least one match and they remained out of last place, which was awesome.  They had a ton of fun and got good experience.  One of the 6th grade teams even beat the #8 seed, St. Thomas More in the tournament bracket.  We are hopeful because at the next competition, the 6th graders will get to participate in the elementary division against other 6th grade teams.  Also, I hope to have some of our more experienced players for our next competition.

I am so proud of our young men and women who stepped up to the plate to represent their school. I look forward to more success in the coming weeks. Way to go, Saints!

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