Middle School Redesign: Better Classroom Ratios, Improved Focus and Rigor

Posted from Middle School Newsletter (Vol. I – August, 2015):

Summer has settled in at 4900 Jackwood, but we are hard at work to increase the learning potential of every student. The key middle school improvement of which I am most proud is the growth of our student body along with the benefits this expansion brings. The primary goal of our growth plan is to ensure our students enjoy a 17:1 student/teacher ratio in all core courses (math, science, English, Latin, and history). This smaller classroom size will provide a more intimate learning environment for your child and lay the groundwork for our discussion-based learning platform. With this change, we will exemplify our school mission to educate honorable young men and women as more teachers will invest time and talents to develop a unique educational experience for your child. Every student will further engage in classroom learning and benefit from improved teacher relationships. In order to facilitate the growth, we added two new classrooms and four faculty members in the middle school. These educators come from classical curriculum backgrounds and/or are experienced teachers. Additionally, we have increased our elective offerings to encourage students to pursue new passions and develop new skills. The middle school is bigger, yet more focused than ever before. Please read through this blog to learn more about what we have accomplished and our story as we develop into the best of the best in private parochial education.

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