Marking Period 4 Reflection

Below is a list of some of the happenings this past marking period. What a wonderful year it has been so far! Here are some highlights from the school year since returning from break:

  • Middle School Sports
    • Boys/Girls Basketball won their district and the girls were undefeated in district play!
    • MS Swimming saw success all season, winning swim meets including our very own Relay Invitational!
  • JCL Certamen Team (Find the middle school contributors below)
    • Edward Athaide (8B) – 1st place, Greek history
    • Miranda Graves (8G)- 2nd place, Greek derivatives 
    • Sugat Borthakur (7B)- 3rd place, Mythology
    • Roman Lewis (7B)- 4th place, Mythology
    • Conrad Li (7B)- 1st place, Sight Recitation
    • Eric Yang (8B)- 1st place, Sight Recitation
    • Juan Fueyo (8B)- 1st place, Decathlon
  • Edward Athaide – Regional Scholastic Writing Silver Key Award for his poetry collection

Here are some notes for the weeks ahead:

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
-Galations 6:9

1. Policy on Candy and Treats

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and we are all just now coming down of the sugar rush in the middle school. Thank you for your part in making the day a wonderful celebration of the close friendships in the middle school. At this time I would like to reflect in how we celebrate various special occasions within our hallway. Our candy and treat intake is quite high these days, but personal wellness habits are very important to your child’s focus and development. Though I know candy and treat incentives provide a means to get through the doldrums of the school year, I have asked teachers to refrain from providing kids candy except for very special occasions. In coordination of this effort, I ask the following of all of you:

  • Please do NOT send candy or treats (baked goods like muffins, donuts, etc.) with your child to campus save for the most special occasions (birthdays, holidays, etc.).
  • Homeroom teachers will be happy to celebrate birthdays, but will do so once per month in coordination with all the families celebrating a student’s birthday that month.
    • While a birthday celebration on campus is not an expectation, contact your homeroom teacher to make plans for your child’s birthday treat if you so choose to have one.

The more of us that adhere to these policies, the healthier we will find our students come each school day. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

2. Girl Talk for 6th and 7th Grade Girls

I am thrilled to announce the successful creation of the STE MS Girl Talk discussions. Our mission at St. Thomas’ includes character education that is vital to our Christ-centered world view. For this reason, we have developed a program that will focus on developing students as citizens and respectful (and respected) young ladies. Designed by our very own Laura Davis, Girl Talk will include four lunchtime sessions for small groups of 6th and 7th graders (grade levels will be separate). Selected faculty members will lead the conversations regarding special topics such as empathy, respect, and healthy relationships. While we cannot guide our children in every choice they make, education is the key to leading them in the right direction. These sessions are not sexual education courses; rather, they will focus on teaching the young women of the 6th and 7th grade to live with integrity, strength, morality, and confidence. The sessions will began on Thursday (with a resoundingly positive response from the girls!) and will occur every other week. I appreciate your enthusiastic support of this fabulous and pivotal program.

3. After School Care

We consider safety of our students a top priority. For this reason, middle school students are not to be on campus unsupervised after 3:30pm. In order to ensure students remain safe and under the care of an adult, all students on campus without parental supervision (or who are not in tutorials or practices) will need to go to After School Care starting at 3:30pm as stated in the school handbook. All students in the front of school waiting will need to check into ASC as well. We will work hard on campus to make sure all middle school students follow this rule. If a child is in a rehearsal/tutorial that ends early, please encourage them to stay with that teacher until the scheduled end time or head directly to ASC.

4. MP 5 Calendar

One major point for the new marking period is in the number of breaks we will have throughout the six weeks. While teachers will post a healthy number of grades within each discipline, the number of holidays (and no homework nights) will make this effort challenging. For this reason, please discuss with your child the importance of every grade they received during the 5th marking period. Fewer numbers of grades, even by one or two, will inflate the value of all the rest, so planning and focus will be vital to success this marking period.

2/24 – Dean’s List and Honor Roll in Chapel
2/25 – Math Competition (challenging for every grade level, with preparation built into the curriculum)
3/6 thru 3/7 – Ash Wednesday
3/11 – Scottish Spectacular (no homework nights on 3/11 and 3/12)
3/13 – JCL Competition (plenty of in-class preparation to meet the challenge of this test)
3/17 thru 3/21 – Spring Break
3/28 – Founder’s Day Chapel Service
4/4 – End of MP 5

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