Understanding the Impact of Giving

Below are clarifications of common questions that you may have regarding how your donations are used and the impact of giving.

Q: Will we be having The Saint Thomas’ Fund giving drive during the 2017-2018 school year?
A: Due to the damaged caused to our campus by Hurricane Harvey, all our fundraising efforts are being directed toward our STE Harvey Relief Fund during the 2017-2018 school year. You can learn more about the damage to our campus and our relief efforts at stesflood.org.

Q: How will my gift be used?
A: This depends on if you make a directed or unrestricted gift. Unrestricted gifts allow us to determine the area of greatest need, and reinvest the funds in STE accordingly. If you make a directed gift, you may choose what area you want your funds to benefit, such as the arts, athletics, facilities and grounds, faculty development or technology.

Q: What is an endowment fund?
A: Endowment funds are permanent funds typically established by non-profit organizations that use its earnings to advance the educational mission of the respective organization. The principal amount of the endowment fund always stays intact, while all or a part of the earnings are utilized by the charity each year. The earnings are used to fund projects or programs designated by the endowment fund. A percentage of the earnings are generally left in the fund to increase the fund principal. As the principal increases, the earnings available for use each year increases.

Q: Does it matter if I can only afford a small donation?
A: Every contribution counts, regardless of the amount. Whatever you feel comfortable gifting, whether it be $1 or $10,000, helps sustain our mission.

Q: Is my donation tax deductible?
A: Yes. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all donations are tax-deductible. Federal E.I.N. # 74-6017007.

Q: May I make a gift online?
A: Yes, you may make a secure online donation using a credit card via our online gift form.

Q: May I make an anonymous donation?
A: Yes. We respect the privacy of our donors and allow donations to be made privately.