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Danny KahalleyDanny Kahalley, Director of Admissions at STE, has fifteen years of experience in education administration and has worked for multiple schools and colleges at the secondary, undergraduate, and graduate level. He has his bachelor's degree from Rhodes College and master's degree from the University of Alabama.

    • Pulling Back the Curtain on Private School Rankings: Secrets Revealed

      Most schools have a love and hate relationship with rankings. When your school is ranked highly, the rank–generating powers that be are both wise and accurate. When your school is ranked lower than you feel is warranted, or even unranked, a common reaction is to assume bias or incorrect methodology.   Before we pull back the […]

    • Three Important Questions You Never Thought to Ask While Researching Schools

      Choosing the right school in the country’s fourth largest city can be daunting. To the indecisive among us, it’s downright overwhelming. Even if you narrowed your search to accredited private schools in the Houston area, you would still have eighty-five options to consider as you research the best match for your child. For most families, […]