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Danny KahalleyDanny Kahalley, Director of Admissions at STE, has fifteen years of experience in education administration and has worked for multiple schools and colleges at the secondary, undergraduate, and graduate level. He has his Masters degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the University of Alabama.


      I have yet to meet anyone involved in the education system who disputes that grades are important. The pressure for this generation’s brightest minds to get into good colleges often makes grades the number one concern to both parents and students alike. The report card line-up is seen as a make-it or break-it moment in […]

    • ISEE Fact and Fiction: What Every Parent Should Know

      Editor’s Note: Thank you to Matt Steiner for giving permission to reprint his article.  The Admissions Office at STE receives frequent questions regarding the Independent School Entrance Examination, and this post provides a great overview of the test.  Please note that STE does not endorse any company or service specific to test preparation.  Thank you. […]


      Editor’s note: Thanks to guest blogger, Kevin Gray. “Teachers possess the power to create conditions that can help students learn a great deal—or keep them from learning much at all. Teaching is the intentional act of creating those conditions.” -Parker Palmer There is something I like to tell students when they get stuck or feel […]


      Thank you to guest blogger, Dr. Lindsey Scholl. It seems that classical educators have to work too hard to justify their existence in America. Why should we need arguments for Latin, when Latin mottos are inscribed on every coin in the nation? Why should we waste time defending Greek and Roman studies when we label […]


      In the search for a private school, parents will likely encounter frequent references to a school’s mission.  A mission statement is usually no more than a few sentences that summarize the reason a school exists, its ethos.  Successful schools link all facets of their operations—hiring, curriculum, events, enrollment, fund-raising, athletics, marketing, etc.—back to their mission. […]

    • The Joy of Godly Distraction

        Thank you to guest blogger, Dr. Lindsey Scholl. I just received one of those emails. If you’ve ever attempted to break into a field, you know what I’m talking about: the “thanks, but we’ll pass” line. I suppose that’s better than no line at all. On the other hand, I won’t even ask for […]

    • Learning Humility through the Classics

      We extend a special thank you to guest blogger, Dr. Lindsey Scholl. Classical education is experiencing a resurgence in Texas and across America. It’s an exciting option for parents who want their students to read great literature and think rationally about what they’re learning. But classical education also has a stigma of being elitist, expensive and […]

    • Three Similarities Between Private Schools and American Craft Brewing

      A hallmark of classical liberal arts instruction is producing graduates capable of adaptability and lifelong learning in an ever-changing world. It equips students to connect learning across academic disciplines. These characteristics of a liberal arts education are important to understand when considering the commonalities in a first-of-its-kind comparison between private schools and craft beer! The […]

    • Pulling Back the Curtain on Private School Rankings: Secrets Revealed

      Most schools have a love and hate relationship with rankings. When your school is ranked highly, the rank–generating powers that be are both wise and accurate. When your school is ranked lower than you feel is warranted, or even unranked, a common reaction is to assume bias or incorrect methodology.   Before we pull back the […]

    • Three Important Questions You Never Thought to Ask While Researching Schools

      Choosing the right school in the country’s fourth largest city can be daunting. To the indecisive among us, it’s downright overwhelming. Even if you narrowed your search to accredited private schools in the Houston area, you would still have eighty-five options to consider as you research the best match for your child. For most families, […]