Affording STE

Tuition Management

Whether you need to pay tuition or have questions about financial aid, FACTS can help.

Please note you will be redirected to an outside website.

Saint Thomas’ Episcopal School strives to help all students who demonstrate a need for financial assistance. The entire financial aid process, including any amounts awarded, is strictly confidential. Faculty members are not informed of any student requesting or receiving financial aid. Please direct questions regarding financial aid to Brittany Gibson in the Business Office at 713.666.3111, or email her at

Financial Aid Process

STE uses FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment to collect and assess all information required in the financial aid process and makes all decisions of financial aid awards based on the recommendations from FACTS.

New students applying for financial aid must complete an online application and submit the necessary supporting documentation by March 1. Please contact Brittany Gibson in the business office regarding deadlines and other questions at 713.666.3111.

Applicants may apply online  by clicking the FACTS green button above, under Tuition Management.

All applicants for financial aid must submit the following to FACTS:

  • Completed online application.
  • $20 application fee.
  • Copies of your previous year’s tax return, including all schedules and forms W-2, 1099, and K-1.

FACTS will mail you a confirmation letter to acknowledge receipt of your application/ documentation. They will also send a reminder letter if they have not received all supporting documentation.