Admission Process

Important Notice: Saint Thomas’ Episcopal will continue to accept applications for all grades on a space-available basis.  Please contact the Admission Office for more information at 713.559.1621.

The Admission Office recommends prospective families submit an application for admission the fall preceding the year of intended enrollment.

February 1, 2014
Priority Application Deadline: applications submitted after this date will be considered based on availability of space.

February 14, 2014
Deadline to complete admission applicant files
(This includes submission of admission test results, school records, teacher recommendation(s), and completion of the family interview.)

March 14, 2014
Admission decisions are mailed to Priority Applicants.

April 9, 2014
New student Enrollment Contract are due.

There are two ways to complete the application form. You may:

  • Apply Online
  • Summit a hard copy application, available upon request

Step 2: Register for & Take Placement Tests

Students entering our Bridge and Kindergarten program are required to attend a play date and testing session. Click here for details.

Students entering grades 1-4 are required to submit Otis-Lennon School Availability Test (OLSAT) scores. Applicants may submit OLSAT scores from another testing location, or be tested at STE. Contact our Admissions Office to schedule testing.

Students entering grades 5-12 will need to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). Applicants may test at any school administering the ISEE, but scores must be sent to STE using our school code 443433. For more information about the ISEE, and to register for an upcoming test date, go to

Step 3: Submit Transcript

The Transcript Release Form should be submitted to your child’s current school at the end of the first semester so that their first semester grades are included in the records the school sends to us. The school should send the complete transcript, including a copy of the transcript release form, directly to STE by February 14.

Step 4: Provide Teacher Recommendation(s)

Students entering K-Bridge or Kindergarten are required to submit one teacher recommendation.

Students entering grades 1-5 are required to submit one teacher recommendation.

Students entering grades 6-12 are required to submit two teacher recommendations. The Teacher Recommendation Forms (Math and English) should be given to your child’s current Math and English teachers in December. If your child has one teacher then we suggest that a teacher from the prior year submit the second recommendation form.

Teachers should complete and return the recommendation forms directly to STE by February 14.

Step 5: Family Interview

After we have received your child’s completed application form and fee, we will contact you to schedule a family interview on campus. SKYPE interviews will be offered to families living beyond the Houston area. Appointments are made during school hours and must be completed by our Application Material Deadline for priority admission consideration. The student, and one or both parents, should attend the interview.

*Decision letters will be sent during early March to each candidate who has a complete file. If your file is incomplete, or you make application after the published deadlines, the Admission Committee will make decisions as it is able.

Important Notice: Saint Thomas’ Episcopal will continue to accept applications for all grades on a space available basis. Please contact Danny Kahalley, Director of Admission, for more information at 713.559.1621.

Admission at a Glance

Download our 2014-2015 Admission Requirements, Dates and Fee Schedule.