Tutoring in a Specific Subject

Middle school students needing one-on-one instruction in a particular subject may, at the request of a parent, be assigned a tutor. All tutors, both peers and adults, have proven themselves to be scholars in that particular subject, are dependable, and work well in the role of an instructor. All tutors regularly meet with the student’s teacher for guidance regarding how best to help, the areas needing attention, as well as to obtain any additional teaching materials. Tutors are hired by the parent(s) of the student who needs assistance. Parents are responsible for making their specific arrangements as to time, meeting place, and wages.

Study Buddies

Study Buddies generally are upper school students who assist middle school students with homework and offer organizational skills. Study Buddies and students usually meet after school to ensure that the students have the necessary books and materials needed for that night’s work (printed from Veracross). If time permits, Study Buddies will help students begin on the first homework assignment of the evening. For more information on obtaining a tutor or Study Buddy for your middle school child, please email tutorsandstudybuddies@stes.org.