Integrative Learning

Our first through third grade curriculums has a twofold purpose: to provide a solid foundation in the skills of reading, spelling, writing, arithmetic and grammar, and also help each student toward the acquisition of a Christian world-view through systematic worship and a study of Christian doctrine. The program is so thoroughly integrated that each area of study reinforces the others.

In addition to academics, students are introduced to our vibrant performing and visual arts program, and begin participation in physical education.

In the fourth and fifth grades, we continue to build on the basic foundation that has been laid, while preparing students for the accelerated liberal arts curriculum in middle and upper schools.

In preparation for this, we teach students that with greater independence and opportunities, comes greater responsibilities. For instance, in fourth grade, students are given the chance to choose either French or Spanish as their foreign language, while also learning how to manage and track their homework by themselves.

Also starting in fourth grade, students with excellent academic achievement and conduct for each marking period are recognized in chapel, and included on the Dean’s List or Honor Roll.

By fifth grade, students develop their organizational skills, by employing outlines for study and recall.

For more information, download our curriculum for grades KBr-5.

Elizabeth Bentrup
Head of Lower School
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