Laying the Foundation

At Saint Thomas’ Episcopal School, we believe it’s never too early to nurture young minds. Recognizing the need to engage children with summer or fall birthday who are five years old, but who need a bit more time before entering a rigorous learning environment, we developed a Kindergarten Bridge (K-Bridge) program.

Our K-Bridge program assists children who have mastered most of the material in pre-school, but who may benefit from reinforcement in key areas to ensure their success in our kindergarten class the following year, allowing for growth, confidence and social maturity.

K-Bridge teachers work with these young learners to help them develop greater visual perception skills, visual motor integration and auditory processing skills through a multi-sensory approach in the reinforcement of numbers and phonics.

The development of these essential building blocks allows children to succeed at learning with greater ease and confidence, by helping them bridge the academic and social gaps necessary to become positive and productive classroom leaders.