7th Grade TX History Trip a Huge Success!

In early October, our 7th grade students spent a week learning about the unique and inspiring leadership on which our great state of Texas was founded. Students came to school for a full day of learning about key players and major events in the formulation of our state before leaving the next morning on a 3-day, 2-night adventure to San Antonio, Austin, and Washington-on-the-Brazos. The students had an excellent experience, as described by Samantha, one of our 7th grade girls:

On October 7, 2014, an hour before sunrise, the seventh graders of Saint Thomas’ dragged themselves into a pair of waiting buses and set off for San Antonio. Three hours, one pit stop, and several songs later, the class stumbled out onto the grounds of Mission San Jose for a demonstration of Native American daily life inside its walls. After a lot of fun and learning, the buses were reloaded and headed for the Briscoe Western Art Museum to view Texas history through art. Next stop was the historically acclaimed Texas Alamo. Finally, after a quick shopping trip at El Mercado, the whole group sat down to a tasty and amusing dinner at Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant. A relaxing, fun, and interesting showing of “The Saga,” a history of our state in a light show, closed out the night. Next morning, yet another early start saw them off to Austin, where they visiting the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum and ate lunch at Texas’ oldest restaurant. A highly educational, interesting stop at the Capitol brought the day’s learning to a close. After a few hours of unwinding at the hotel, it was off to a wild night at Main Event- that I won’t say too much about here. The final day brought the trip to historic Independence Hall and the adjoining museum. Then, back home again, to a welcome invitation back and cries of, “What happens on the trip, stays on the trip!”

Please find some photos below that describe the trip in more detail
 STE TX History Trip 2014 (direct link)

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